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 All Mosquito service providers use basically the same products and application process. The products that are used in our industry have a best-case residual effect of up to 21 days. 

Think of this as the window sticker on your new car. This sticker might claim 28 miles to the gallon.  As you know this almost never happens because they make this claim under best possible diving conditions.  It’s the same with the claims made by the manufacturers of these mosquito products.

As you know, we hardly ever go 21 days without some kind of rain, high humidity or strong sun.  All of these conditions can reduce the efficacy of these products.  The difference between us and the rest of our competitors is that we align our services with the products most effective period and the two-week life cycle of mosquitoes, so that our customers get the best possible results for their investment. 

This is why our “More Treatments, less money, better results” claim rings true for every one of our over 1700 customers. Call 603-333-1665now for a free quote. The best part, you don’t even have to be home.

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