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Here at Mosquito Pros NH we offer seasonal Tick & Mosquito Control Programs. Ticks, unlike mosquitoes, will be living in grassy areas.  Ticks need a blood meal in order to develop into the next stage of life.  Ticks will move to the tips of grass blades and wait for an animal to move by.  This action is called questing.  Ticks will then attach themselves to this unsuspecting animal which can be as small as a mouse or a dog or even a human. 

Many diseases like (Lyme, Anaplasmosis, Powassan virus and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever just to name a few) can be transmitted from ticks to humans. In order to provide the most effective tick control solution we must treat the entire lawn area with a special blend of control products that are designed to have a residual effect lasting beyond our six-week treatment schedule. 

As in a mosquito treatment, the technician will honk the horn to let you know they have arrived.  Once the treatment has been applied the technician will leave a door hanger to let you know what time your tick service was applied.  Please allow twenty to thirty minutes for the treatment to settle before resuming regular outdoor activity.

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